Honkatata/本堅田 144



It is Syouzuiji temple in Katata that Ikkyu who was a famous priest in the 15th century self-trained from 22 years old to 34 years old. He realized spiritual enlightenment on the beach in Katata.And he was given the name of Ikkyu from Soudon Kasou who was his teacher.

堅田(滋賀県大津市)の写真 本堅田 祥瑞寺11 「雪の祥瑞寺2・帳(とばり)」 2008.02.10 10:36
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan  Honkatata  Syouzuiji  temple 11″Snowy Syouzuiji temple2・the curtain ” 2008.02.10 10:36