Ukimido/浮御堂 033





Ukimido built on Lake Biwa is known as one of the Omi Hakkei (近江八景)”Katata-no-Rakugan ( Some wild geese which fly down from the sky in Katata).”
Omi Hakkei are Eight Views of Omi made famous by Hiroshige’s picturesque woodblock prints.
The formal name of Ukimido is a “Kaimonzan Mangetsu-ji temple.”
It is the Zen temple of Rinzai sect, it belongs to the Kyoto Murasakino Daitoku-ji Temple group.
Ukimido was built around 995 by Genshin( or Eshin) sozu( 源信(恵心)僧都)
who was an author of “Ojyoyosyu (The Essentials of Pure Land Rebirth) “.
He prayed the safety of passing on the Lake Biwa  and the degree of creature, and built it.
Amitabha of 1000 bodies called the “Sentaibutsu” is installed in the inside of Ukimido.
Present Ukimi-do was rebuilt in Showa 12(1937).
If you cross the bridge made with the stone and worship at Ukimido,
only Lake Biwa will spread in the face of you. (It is an unparalleled view.)

堅田の写真(滋賀県大津市本堅田) 浮御堂 「10月の浮御堂3」 2008.10.15 17:19
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan  Ukimido Temple ” Ukimido Temple in October”3  2008.10.15 17:19