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「三上山(みかみやま)は滋賀県野洲市三上にある山。一般には近江富士として知られる。 標高432m。平野部の残丘であるため標高の割には目立ち、琵琶湖をはさんだ湖西からでも望める。」(フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』)


Twilight of autumn of Lake Biwa and Mikamiyama (Omi-Fuji) .

“Mikamiyama  is a mountain on Mikami,Yasu,Shiga,Japan. Generally it is known as Omi-Fuji. Altitude of 432m.
Since it is the hill which remained in the plain, considering altitude, it is conspicuous, and it can see
even from” Kosei “(the west of a lake) which faced across Lake Biwa.”(Quotation:”Wikipedia”)
The typical town in the Kosei is Katata.

堅田(滋賀県大津市)の写真 「三上山(近江富士)の見える風景4」 2008.10.02 17:36
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan  the most beautiful place”Scenery Mikamiyama (Omi-Fuji) is visible”4 2008.10.02 17:36

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