Honkatata/本堅田 115




In medieval Japan (especially western part of Japan), the exclusive organization about the festival-of-the-village-god festival of an old parishioner called Miyaza(宮座) appeared. The constituent of the household head called Zasyu(座衆) shook power at the general politics of the village as birth of a village through the feudal society.Miyaza appeared also in medieval Katata.
The stone wall was built to the Lake Biwa shore, and it is “Kiri(きり、切)”.The “Miyano Kiri” was built first, it developed into “Higashino(east) Kiri”, “Nishino(west) Kiri”, and “Imakatata Kiri”, and Katata was formed.

The “Miyano Kiri” was  1 component part of the Katata castle in the 16th century .
Even now, the vestiges of the annular waterway  remain in Honkatata 1 chome slightly as a waterway.

堅田(滋賀県大津市)の写真 本堅田 「宮ノ切」 2008.10.02 15:29
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan Honkatata “Miyano Kiri” 2008.10.02 15:29

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