Imakatata/今堅田 054-055


The grave of Kotonaishi who was Yoshisada Nitta’s wife is in Imakatata.
Yoshisada Nitta was a famous samurai in the 14th century.


南北朝時代、匂当内侍は後醍醐天皇の寵愛を受けて御所に仕えていた。 内侍は、ある月の夜、新田義貞と出会い、愛し合うようになる。 しかし、足利尊氏の上洛によって義貞は越前に向かい、内侍を今堅田に残してゆく。 3年後の延元三年(1338)7月2日、義貞は越前国藤島で戦死。 義貞の死を伝え聞いた内侍は、悲しみのあまり琵琶湖に身を投げたという。 村人たちは内侍の死を哀れみ、塚を築き、明応六年(1497)には、塚の場所に野神神社を建立した。 内侍の命日にあたる10月8日・9日(旧暦9月9日)には、内侍の霊を弔う「野神祭り」が行われている。 (出典:湖族の郷資料館配布の「堅田ウォーキングマップ」、大津市教育委員会作成の案内板)


※2017/10/6追記:現在は10月第三日曜日に、伊豆神田神社の氏子さんによって実施されています(10時から例大祭、夜8時から松明行列)。2017年は10/15(日)開催です。Added 10/6/2017: It is currently being held on the third Sunday in October. Festival from 10 o’clock. A torch line from 20 o’clock.It is held on October 15 (Sunday) in 2017.(追記ここまで)


In the 14th century and Japan, it was called Nanbokutyou era. Kotonaishi who was loved by Emperor Godaigo and had served the royal palace met Yoshisada Nitta in the evening of a moonlight night, and it came to love each other. However, Yoshisada left her to Imakatata toward Echizen by Ashikaga Takauji was going up to Kyoto. Yoshisada was killed in war after the three years in Echizen country Fujishima on July 2 in Engen 3 or 1338. Kotonaishi who heard Yoshisada’s death from others was told to have thrown herself into Lake Biwa out of sadness. Villagers pitied her death, built the mound and built Nogomi shrine at the place of the mound in Meiou 6 or 1497. The “Nogami festival” which performs a memorial service is performed on October 8 and 9th (lunar-calendar September 9), which hits on her anniversary of death. (Source: The “Katata walking map” of Museum of Katata,Kozokunosato-siryoukan&The direction board which Otsu city’s board of education created)

堅田の写真(滋賀県大津市今堅田) 今堅田 「匂当内侍の墓1」 2008.08.10 11:33
堅田の写真(滋賀県大津市今堅田) 今堅田 「匂当内侍の墓2」 2008.08.10 11:32
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan Imakatata “Grave of Kotonaishi”1 2008.08.10 11:33
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan Imakatata “Grave of Kotonaishi”2 2008.08.10 11:32