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「「古事記」「延喜式」にも記述が見え、また和歌にも詠まれた由緒ある山である。藤原秀郷(俵藤太)による大ムカデ退治伝説が残ることから「ムカデ山」の異名も持つ。」(引用: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』)

I passed through the byway of the fig tree. In the other side of the bench by Lake Biwa, it is the Mikamiyama(.Omi-Fuji) .

“It is storied mountain which description was visible to the “Kojiki” and “Procedures of the Engi Era”,and was composed by the 31-syllable Japanese poem.
Since the large centipede extermination tradition by the Hidesato Fujiwara (Touta Fujiwara) remains,
it also has the another name of a “centipede mountain”.  (quotation: “Wikipedia”)

堅田(滋賀県大津市)の写真 本堅田 「三上山(近江富士)の見える風景5」 2008.10.02 17:45
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan  Honkatata “Scenery Mikamiyama (Omi-Fuji) is visible”5 2008.10.02 17:45

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