Honkatata/本堅田 121-2




The stone of Otose

“There was the woman called Otose who is Katata’s graduate and was serving the mansion of Genji of Kyoto at the time in which the 12th century, and Genji and Heike, the samurais, did the conflict.She protected Genji’s white flag on the occasion of the Heike’s extinction, got off to Otsu, avoided Heike’s pursuer,and jumped into Lake Biwa. However, she had the hand that grasped the white flag cut off by Heike’s samurai, and died.One arm of hers flowed and arrived at Katata, and dyed the stone of the beach with blood.Since then, this beach has come to be called the beach of Otose.The child received his mother’s will,subsequently protected a white flag, and said that he was Taro Miturori Tezuka ,general of the Yosinaka Kiso, after that.”


「この話は、寛延二年(1749)浄瑠璃『源平布引滝(げんぺいぬのびきのたき)』に 役名を小万(こまん)と替えて取り入れられている。」(大津市史より)

“In the Joruri play work in Kanei 2 (1749) “Genpei Nunobikinotaki “, her name was changed to Koman and this story is handed down from generation to generation (history of Otsu city).”

堅田の写真(滋賀県大津市本堅田) 本堅田 「おとせの石とコスモスの花 ~おとせの浜」 2008.10.02 16:06
堅田の写真(滋賀県大津市本堅田) 本堅田 「おとせの石解説 ~おとせの浜」 2008.10.02 16:05

photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan Honkatata “The stone of Otose and flower of cosmos ~the beach of Otose” 2008.10.02 16:06
photograph of Katata,Otsu,Shiga,Japan Honkatata ” Expository writing about the stone of Otose ~the beach of Otose ” 2008.10.02 16:05

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