Honkatata/本堅田 105



堅田の写真 本堅田 光徳寺3 「光徳寺・住職さんの言葉1」 2008.05.03 11:34

今月は、「ここにしかない風景 ~本堅田・堅田駅編~」と題して、滋賀県大津市本堅田およびJR湖西線堅田駅の風景をお送りしています。

” It is not a success that money can be earned now. What other people’s care came to be able to carry out is a success.” The words are impressed deep in my heart although they are painful to me.
photograph of Katata  Honkatata  Koutokuji temple 3 “Words of the chief priest of the Koutokuji temple”1 2008.05.03 11:34
” Scenery seen only here~ Honkatata and Katata station ~” is entitled, and the scenery of Honkatata, Otsu, Shiga and JR Kosei Line Katata station is sent this month.

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