Tenjingawa Green belt/天神川緑地002




堅田関連の写真(滋賀県大津市衣川)  天神川緑地・衣川1 「天神川の春2」 2008.04.09 13:27

The Katata station is near. 113 series vehicles of green and an orange run on Tenjin-gawa River. In addition, this 113 series vehicle is active service from the time of opening of traffic in 1974 in Kosei Line. This train is a cold district specification car by which a passenger opens at the time of a stop and closes a door by himself or herself in winter. You can ride on this train by remarkable probability, if it waits for each station train.

Strictly, Kinugawa is the next area in the east in the Katata area. However, it is close bordering on the national highway No. 116 line, and since the Tenjin-gawa River green tract of land is straddling both areas, I introduce it by this blog.

photograph of Katata Tenjingawa Green belt・Kinugawa 1″Spring of Tenjin-gawa River” 2     2008.04.09 13:27


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